Inglés - Español - number Pronunciación
s. número, cifra, guarismo
v. contar, numerar
Inglés - Portugués - number Pronunciación
s. número; algarismo; quantidade; multidão
v. contar, numerar, computar
Inglés - Inglés - number Pronunciación
n. mathematical value or its symbol; identifying numeral (e.g. of a house); indefinite amount, quantity of; sum, tally; act in a performance, musical piece; unit in a series; mathematics; quantity (Grammar); unique thing or person (Informal)
v. count; assign a number; equal in amount; limit, allot; be included in (a specific group); total, add up to
Inglés - Francés - number Pronunciación
n. nombre; morceau
v. compter; dénombrer; chiffrer
Inglés - Alemán - number Pronunciación
[numb] adj. betäubt; empfindungslos; starr
n. Anzahl, Nummer, Zahl
v. zählen
Inglés - Italiano - number Pronunciación
s. numero; cifra; numero di telefono; gruppo; fascicolo, dispensa; motivo, melodia; (Comm) articolo; (Tess) titolo; (sl) ragazza
v. contare, calcolare, conteggiare; annoverare, includere nel numero; essere in totale, ammontare a, assommare a; numerare; enumerare, elencare; limitare; suddividere, spartire; (Tess) titolare
Inglés - Ruso - number Pronunciación
с. число, количество, большое количество, многочисленность; группа, компания; номер, экземпляр, выпуск; сумма, цифра, числительное; размер; ритм; стихи
г. нумеровать, номеровать, насчитывать, причислять, причислить, зачислять, числиться, быть в числе, считать, пересчитывать, рассчитываться
Inglés - Turco - number Pronunciación
f. saymak, numaralamak, hesaplamak, katmak, sayı saymak, içermek, katılmak, yaşında olmak
i. rakam, sayı, numara, miktar, adet, müzik parçası, tip, hoş şey
Inglés - Albanés - number Pronunciación
n. numër, sasi, shumë [mat.], varg [poet.], ritëm, shembull [gj. fol.]
v. llogaris, numëroj, llogarit, fut, përfshihem
Inglés - Neerlandés - number Pronunciación
zn. nummer, aantal, getal, tal, versmaat, mens [inf.], meid [inf.]
ww. nummeren, tellen, bedragen
Inglés - Griego - number Pronunciación
ουσ. αριθμών, αριθμός, νούμερο, ψηφίο
Inglés - Chino - number Pronunciación
(名) 数目, 总数, 号码
(动) 数, 共计, 计算; 计算, 报数
Inglés - Chino - number Pronunciación
(名) 數目, 總數, 號碼
(動) 數, 共計, 計算; 計算, 報數
Inglés - Japonés - number Pronunciación
(名) 数, 数字; 総数; 号; 番号; 曲目
(動) 番号を付ける; 数になる; 数える
(形) 感覚を失った; 麻酔の
Inglés - Coreano - number Pronunciación
명. 수, 숫자; 번지; 무한정의 양; 총계; 연극이나 음악의 장; 연속물의 단위; 수학; 양(문법); 독특한 것 또는 사람(구어)
동. 수를 세다; 번호를 매기다; 총수가 ...에 달하다; 기간을 정하다; 특별한 그룹에 인원이 되다; 합계를 내다
Definiciones de number
noun: an item of merchandise offered for sale Example:She preferred the black nylon number.
noun: a clothing measurement Example:A number 13 shoe.
noun: the property possessed by a sum or total or indefinite quantity of units or individuals Example:He had a number of chores to do.
noun: the grammatical category for the forms of nouns and pronouns and verbs that are used depending on the number of entities involved (singular or dual or plural) Example:In English the subject and the verb must agre
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Sinónimos de number
1. symbol: digit, character, cipher, figure, sign, integer, numeral
2. total: aggregate, amount, collection, sum total, count, totality, sum
3. edition: copy, issue
4. abundance: collection, plenty, infinity, company, horde, plenitude
5. beat: rhythm
6. count: account, estimate, calculate, add, compute, total, consist of
Conjugación verbo number
Present participle: numbering
Present: number (3.person: numbers)
Past: numbered
Future: will number
Present conditional: would number
Present Perfect: have numbered (3.person: has numbered)
Past Perfect: had numbered
Future Perfect: will have numbered
Past conditional: would have numbered