Inglés - Español - paint Pronunciación
s. pintura, color
v. pintar, aplicar color a, colorear, dar color a; bosquejar, delinear, retratar, trazar el bosquejo
Inglés - Portugués - paint Pronunciación
s. cor
v. pintar; desenhar
Inglés - Inglés - paint Pronunciación
n. colored substance applied to surfaces; layer of dried pigment on a surface; cosmetic color applied to the face
v. apply color to a surface; create a work of art with paint; make a design on a surface with paint; put makeup on; describe something in words; apply with a brush like paint
Inglés - Francés - paint Pronunciación
n. peinture, coloration
v. peindre, dessiner
Inglés - Alemán - paint Pronunciación
n. Farbe
v. färben; anstreichen
Inglés - Italiano - paint Pronunciación
s. colore, tinta, vernice; verniciata; (Cosmet) belletto, trucco; rossetto
v. pitturare, verniciare, dipingere, tinteggiare; colorare, colorire; spennellare; (Cosmet) imbellettare, tingere
Inglés - Ruso - paint Pronunciación
с. краска; румяна, окраска
г. красить, закрашивать, выкрасить, раскрашивать, покрасить; расписывать, писать красками, заниматься живописью; описывать, изображать; румянить, краситься
Inglés - Turco - paint Pronunciación
f. boyamak, resim yapmak, resmetmek, makyaj yapmak, fondöten sürmek
i. boya, makyaj malzemesi, özsu
Inglés - Albanés - paint Pronunciación
n. ngjyrë, bojë
v. lyej, bojatis, pikturoj, përshkruaj [fig.], portretizoj [fig.]
Inglés - Neerlandés - paint Pronunciación
zn. verf, kleurstof, blanketsel
ww. schilderen, uitschilderen, verven, penselen, aanstrijken met penseel, kleuren, verven : zich verven
Inglés - Griego - paint Pronunciación
ουσ. χρώμα, μπογιά
ρήμ. χρωματίζω, ζωγραφίζω, βάφω
Inglés - Chino - paint Pronunciación
(名) 油漆, 绘画作品, 颜料
(动) 油漆; 画, 绘画; 涂以颜色; 涂, 搽; 油漆; 化妆; 绘画; 涂脂抹粉
Inglés - Chino - paint Pronunciación
(名) 油漆, 繪畫作品, 顏料
(動) 油漆; 畫, 繪畫; 塗以顏色; 塗, 搽; 油漆; 化妝; 繪畫; 塗脂抹粉
Inglés - Japonés - paint Pronunciación
(動) ペンキを塗る; 描く; 絵をかく
(名) ペンキ; 絵の具; ほお紅
Inglés - Coreano - paint Pronunciación
명. 페인트; 착색제, 물감; 메이크 업용 화장품
동. 페인트를 칠하다, 색깔을 칠하다; 그림을 그리다; 메이크업을 하다; 묘사하다; 붓질을 하다
Definiciones de paint
noun: a substance used as a coating to protect or decorate a surface (especially a mixture of pigment suspended in a liquid); dries to form a hard coating
noun: makeup consisting of a pink or red powder applied to the cheeks
noun: (basketball) a space (including the foul line) in front of the basket at each end of a basketball court; usually painted a different color from the rest of the court Example:He dominates play in the paint.
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Sinónimos de paint
1. veneer: varnish, coat, covering, overlay, layer, cover
2. pigment: colouring, stain, dye, tint, tincture
3. make-up: cosmetics, rouge, tint, war paint
4. portray: draw, depict, delineate, sketch, compose, design, draft
5. coat: veneer, cover, swab, tint, daub, lacquer, gild
Conjugación verbo paint
Present participle: painting
Present: paint (3.person: paints)
Past: painted
Future: will paint
Present conditional: would paint
Present Perfect: have painted (3.person: has painted)
Past Perfect: had painted
Future Perfect: will have painted
Past conditional: would have painted