Inglés - Español - skate Pronunciación
s. patín, raya
v. patinar
Inglés - Portugués - skate Pronunciación
s. patim; arraia (tipo de peixe)
v. patinar (com patins , skate, etc.)
Portugués - Inglés - skate Pronunciación
n. skateboard, flat board attached to four small wheels and used for skating on hard surfaces
Inglés - Inglés - skate Pronunciación
n. ice skate, shoe with a blade on the bottom for gliding on ice; roller skate, shoe with wheels on the bottom for gliding on hard surfaces; any of a number of large flat fish that are related to rays
v. glide across ice with ice skates; glide across a hard surface with roller skates
n. skat (Cards)
Inglés - Francés - skate Pronunciación
n. patin à glace; roller skate; raie (Poisson)
v. patiner (sur la glace), patiner (patins à roulettes), faire du roller skate
Inglés - Alemán - skate Pronunciación
n. Schlittschuh; Rochen (Fisch)
v. Schlittschuh laufen
Inglés - Italiano - skate Pronunciación
s. pattino da ghiaccio; pattino a rotelle, schettino; corsa sui pattini
v. (Sport) praticare il pattinaggio, pattinare; (fig) scivolare, slittare
Inglés - Ruso - skate Pronunciación
с. скат [зоол.]; конек, роликовый конек
г. кататься на коньках, скользить
Inglés - Turco - skate Pronunciación
f. kaymak, paten yapmak, patenle kaymak, patinaj yapmak
i. paten, tırpana, çemçe balığı
Portugués - Francés - skate Pronunciación
1. (geral) planche à roulettes
2. (esportes) planche à roulettes; skateboard (m)
Inglés - Albanés - skate Pronunciación
n. rajë, patinë, patinazh
v. rrëshqas
Inglés - Neerlandés - skate Pronunciación
zn. schaats, rolschaats; vleet
ww. schaatsenrijden (bij rolschaatsen, schaatsen, etc.)
Inglés - Griego - skate Pronunciación
ουσ. σελάχι, παγοπέδιλο, τροχοπέδιλο, πατινάζ
ρήμ. παγοδρομώ, τροχοδρομώ
Francés - Alemán - skate Pronunciación
n. rollbrett, skateboard
Inglés - Chino - skate Pronunciación
(名) 溜冰, 冰鞋#鳐; 灰鳐#不中用的老马; 人, 家伙
(动) 滑冰; 滑过
Inglés - Chino - skate Pronunciación
(名) 溜冰, 冰鞋#鰩; 灰鰩#不中用的老馬; 人, 傢伙
(動) 滑冰; 滑過
Inglés - Japonés - skate Pronunciación
(動) スケートをする
(名) スケート靴; ローラースケート靴; ガンギエイ
Inglés - Coreano - skate Pronunciación
명. 빙판 스케이트, 얼음위에서 스케이트를 탈수 있도록 만든 날이 달린 신발; 롤러 스케이트, 딱딱한 지면을 미끄러지며 달릴 수 있는 바퀴가 달린 신발; 홍어과 물고기
동. 빙판위에서 스케이트를 타다; 롤러 스케이트를 타다
Definiciones de skate
noun: large edible rays having a long snout and thick tail with pectoral fins continuous with the head; swim by undulating the edges of the pectoral fins
noun: sports equipment that is worn on the feet to enable the wearer to glide along on wheels and to be propelled by the alternate actions of the legs
verb: move along on skates Example:The Dutch often skate along the canals in winter.
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Sinónimos de skate
1. glide on skates: skim, race, roll, skid
2. fish: ray
Conjugación verbo skate
Present participle: skating
Present: skate (3.person: skates)
Past: skated
Future: will skate
Present conditional: would skate
Present Perfect: have skated (3.person: has skated)
Past Perfect: had skated
Future Perfect: will have skated
Past conditional: would have skated