desarrollo en Ruso

n. развитие, протекание


Galenic and analytic development of medicines - Idifarma, Desarrollo Farmacéutico, S.L.
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He is currently chairman of the board at the ole dad plug ins Desarrollo and sits on the boards of several other companies.
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Investigación, desarrollo y práctica, it's a semiannual electronic publication, that publishes contributions evaluated by original peers, of quality and present time, inside its area of competence.
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Technical assistance is offered to women entrepreneurs through individually tutored courses offered in the context of a cooperation agreement between the Institute for Women's Issues and the Fundación del Instituto Cameral para la Creación y Desarrollo de la Empresa.
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1. progreso: avance
2. crecimiento: aumento, incremento, adelanto
3. explicación: exposición, tratamiento

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