nacimiento en Ruso

n. рождение, происхождение


A Moorish fortress, a church and a mosque are its milestones; undisputed centre of his municipal area, although its influence area is beyond the river valley Nacimiento.
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Archaeological Sites: Site of las e neath, site of the Venta de la Nacimiento. Town planning
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Nacimiento is one of the best examples of the deep Almería that has withstood the worst moments of a hard history and that nowadays, on a different reality, it is changing the face and human geography of the province.
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Remains of an Iberian settlement were discovered in the "e neath" and Roman remains found in the Venta del Nacimiento.
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To access el mirador from Carmelita, there is a trail that passes the six camps of the chicle-extractors to the park, Lechuga, La Lucha, El Nacimiento, El Tintal, El Porvenir and La Muerta.
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1. linaje
2. origen: fuente, comienzo, salida, brote, germinación, llegada, partida
3. belén: portal, representación

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