build up en Árabe

‏إنشاء، تعزيز، تعاظم، إشتداد، استفحال‏
‏أنشأ شخصية، إشتد‏


You must build up your courage.
يجب أن تُنَمِّيَ شجاعتك.
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enlarge, develop, or increase by degrees or in stages: increase
form or accumulate steadily: develop, build, ramp up, progress, work up
prepare oneself for a military confrontation: re-arm, rearm, forearm, gird, fortify, arm
bolster or strengthen: increase, build, ramp up, progress, work up
change the use of and make available or usable: better, educate, develop, prepare, modernise, amend, train, redevelop, make grow, settle, ameliorate, modernize, meliorate, improve