established en Árabe

‏مؤلف، معترف به قانونيا، مؤسس، مؤكد، مقرر‏


The sheriff established order in the town.
أَسَّسَ اْلشَّرِيفُ النَّاظِمَ فِي اْلبَلْدَةِ.
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brought about or set up or accepted; especially long established: self-constituted, ingrained, constituted, recognised, official, planted, recognized, grooved, well-grooved, deep-rooted, deep-seated, legitimate, entrenched, implanted, self-established
constituted by or established by itself: established, self-constituted, constituted
conforming with accepted standards: conventional, orthodox
settled securely and unconditionally: effected, accomplished, settled
introduced from another region and persisting without cultivation: strange, naturalized, foreign
shown to be valid beyond a reasonable doubt: proved, proven

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