excitement en Árabe

‏إنفعال، إثارة، هياج، شىء مثير، تهيج‏


"Mary, will you answer my question?" asked Adèle while trying to control her excitement.
ماري, هل سوف تجيبي على سؤالي؟ سأل أديل بينما كانت تحاول أن تسيطر على حماسها.
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the feeling of lively and cheerful joy: rush, charge, thrill, joyousness, joyfulness, joy, boot, bang, exhilaration, titillation, intoxication, flush, kick
the state of being emotionally aroused and worked up: fervour, excitation, unexciting, sensation, inflammation, fervor, emotional arousal, fever pitch, exciting
something that agitates and arouses: hair-raiser, thrill, excitation, rousing, chiller, arousal
disturbance usually in protest: turmoil, disturbance, upheaval, agitation, hullabaloo

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