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(名) 日晷仪, 日规; (天文学) 用测量中午时分阴影的方法寻找太阳高度的装置; 日晷上纵向的杆状物; (几何学) 从平行四边形一角除去一个相似的余形


He also arranged a 40-foot high bronze gnomon to measure the exact altitude of the sun.
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"Gnomon" Yerevan Jewelry Plant-1 was established on the basis of "Yerevan Jewelry Plant", founded in 1950.
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The Plant is involved in production of gold and silver items, gold watches of "Gnomon" trademark, commemorative medals, processing of gemstones, as well as production of tools, used in jewelry industry.
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All right, he said he's found nothing obvious in the times, but the sun won't shine on the gnomon for four more hours.
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indicator provided by the stationary arm whose shadow indicates the time on the sundial: indicator, sundial

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