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s. mensuración


Analytical studies are carried out in accordance with techniques approved by the Committee of the Russian Federation on Standardization, Mensuration and Certification, incorporated in RD 52.18.595-96, "Federal list of measurement techniques permitted for use in the monitoring of environmental pollution".
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the act or process of assigning numbers to phenomena according to a rule: foetometry, hypsometry, anemometry, densitometry, measure, sampling, quantification, thermometry, measurement, viscosimetry, sounding, quantitative chemical analysis, hypsography, thermogravimetry, tonometry, mental measurement, algometry, angulation, seismography, spirometry, quantitative analysis, radioactive dating, anthropometry, reading, measuring, arterial blood gases, viscometry, anemography, dosimetry, micrometry, hydrometry, bathymetry, audiometry, meter reading, scaling, gravimetry, observation, calorimetry, sound ranging, fetometry, actinometry, telemetry, pelvimetry, surveying, activity, plumbing, photometry, cephalometry

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