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n. kadar, muatan, daya muat, kepuasan, rasa puas
v. memuaskan, menyenangkan
a. puas, senang, senang hati, setuju: yg setuju


“Are you content now?” said the Caterpillar.
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“So, Mr Fogg,” resumed Aouda, “not content with rescuing me from a terrible death, you thought yourself bound to secure my comfort in a foreign land?”
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For now, if nothing else arises, I must content myself with spending my holidays in the south of France.
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The West has threatened to impose more severe sanctions if Russia does not content itself with annexing Crimea, but invades other regions in Ukraine.
(Source: Voice of America)
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So, this is the little lord Fauntleroy, he contented himself with saying out loud, as we have been led to believe?
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He felt quite content to be the grandson of such a loved and admired man.
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Mr Fogg contented himself with taking his bag, calling Mrs Aouda, and sending for a palanquin.
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The grocer then solemnly uncorked a bottle of ale, poured the contents into two glasses, and proposed a toast:
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"I hope you will be contented, James, with your sea-faring life," she said.
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"And here is the key, sir," said the old lady, going over the contents of her bunch with tremulously uncertain hands.
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1. agreeable: assenting, resigned, quiescent, tranquil, willing, peaceful
2. satisfied: comfortable, contented, pleased, gratified, sanguine, delighted, snug
3. satisfaction: contentment, happiness
4. significance: meaning, idea, theme, substance, gist, subject, topic
5. make-up: composition, contents, filling, packing
6. appease: satisfy, reconcile, gratify, delight, please, gladden, cheer

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