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v. be alive, exist; survive, remain alive; reside, dwell; support oneself, earn money; cohabit; enjoy life
adj. alive, living, possessing life; lively, energetic; important; carrying an electric current; transmitted by live broadcast
adv. by live broadcast; in person


I have always lived in Madrid, the biggest city in Spain and the country’s capital.
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The nomads are very hospitable, friendly and modest; their living conditions are very, very hard.
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I live in a city in Catalonia, Girona.
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If you have the chance to visit it, do not miss to visit the center: it seems like we are still living in the Middle Ages!
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I live in London for two years, but I was lucky enough to study for a couple of years in Spain.
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I am from New York, but I since live in Barcelona, Spain for six months.
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I arrived to Spain in March, and I have been living since with some very friendly boys and girls, sharing with them a beautiful apartment in the city center.
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It is a pleasure to live in the center of such a beautiful city.
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Everything is very close, even the University. In this house we live with four room-mates.
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Don’t you think that they are incredible? We get along very well and living with them is really easy.
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1. not dead: alive, existing, aware, conscious, incarnate
2. active: energetic, vital, vivid, dynamic, vigourous
3. broadcast directly: unrehearsed, real
4. be: exist, breathe, continue, move, subsist, be alive
5. enjoy life: relish, savour, experience, delight in, love
6. reside: dwell, abide, live in, inhabit
7. gain subsistence: remain, continue, earn, subsist, acquire a livelihood
8. be remembered: endure, persist, prevail, remain, survive, last

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