choleric en Ucraniano

a. холеричний, дразливий, запальний, жовчний, розгніваний


This Issachar was the most choleric Hebrew that had ever been seen in Israel since the Captivity in Babylon.
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She is a person of choleric temperament.
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Sun Tzu says if your opponent has a choleric disposition, you should irritate him.
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Eleanor Skipple, is choleric, rude and he/she smells bad.
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Go show your slaves how choleric you are, and make your bondmen tremble.
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The shy protagonist Vojta is torn between a choleric father who wants him to become a professional swimmer and a mother who sees him as a talented pianist.
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quickly aroused to anger: quick-tempered, ill-natured, hot-tempered, hotheaded, short-tempered, irascible
characterized by anger: angry, irascible
easily moved to anger: passionate

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