decent en Ucraniano

a. пристойний, порядний, скромний, славний, милий, неабиякий, добрячий, непоганий


A decent-looking man, sir, but rough-like.
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I can’t find a decent café in this place.
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Is there a single decent woman in London now who would drive with her in the park?
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and would never allow the slightest advance upon the following month. He had to submit to a regeime of misery. Three thousand francs a month!, what could any decent person do with that?
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Every section of the gallery was a manifestation of a life apart within this communism of hunger; this edifice contained every grade and shade of poverty: from the heroic, garbed in clean, decent tatters, to the most nauseating and repulsive.
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In the afternoon Manuel left Salomé's house with the thought that if he were a few years older and had a decent, paying position, he would marry her, even if he found himself compelled to get the tough who went with her out of the way with a knife.
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That invasion of Belgium is treason… And a treason never amounts to anything among decent people. He said it in all good faith as though war were a duel in which the traitor was henceforth ruled out
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This is my car. It is old, but pretty decent. Let's see the paper.
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Sure, they can move to another part of town, but they do not want to because they really like Bellavista and are very happy; all the people who live there are very good and decent folk, and the neighbourhood is new, very clean, and above all, very quiet.
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“Clear picture,” said the Hofrat, “quite a decent leanness-that’s the military youth.
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socially or conventionally correct; refined or virtuous: respectable, nice
in the right manner: right, in good order, decently, properly, the right way
according with custom or propriety: comme il faut, becoming, seemly, comely, proper, decorous
decently clothed: modest
observing conventional sexual mores in speech or behavior or dress: modest
conforming to conventions of sexual behavior: proper, decorous, clean, unobjectionable
sufficient for the purpose: adequate, sufficient, enough

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