heave en Ucraniano

n. підйом, піднімання
v. піднімати, переміщати, здійматися, зітхати


Dorian heaved a sigh of relief as he saw the gardener approaching.
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He heaved a deep breath, and his nostrils quivered with pleasure.
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He heaved a deep breath, opened the door a little wider, and with half-closed eyes and averted head, walked quickly in, determined that he would not look even once upon the dead man.
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She heaved a deep sigh.
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Leandro and Manuel took a seat at the same table where the gamblers were playing. Leandro ordered wine, emptied a deep glass at a single gulp and heaved a few sighs.
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Suddenly in his mind's eye, Julio saw the heaving ocean, a great steamer, a tall, blonde woman looking at him with half-closed eyes of invitation,
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They waited a while and soon a ragpicker hove into view, bearing an empty sack and headed for Madrid. Vidal called him over and offered to sell their bundle.
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"'Bout time you hove along," he greeted her.
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"Heave round!" repeated Griffith, aloud.
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"Now, by Saint George!" said Richard, again heaving up his arm.
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1. breathe: exhale, pant
2. raise: elevate, hoist, lift
3. vomit: retch
4. undulate: bulge, dilate, palpitate, expand, rise, swell
5. throw: hurl, fling, cast
6. slosh: roll, rock, bob, pitch, lurch, waft, ebb

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