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n. rảnh, vủng nước dơ


They have a cloaca tract, which is their reproductive and excretory tract, and there is a slight difference in the ridges and bumps, the innies and outies.
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Large intestine: part of the digestive tract between the small intestine and the cloaca.
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What? - Lauren's cloaca is fully engorged! - They're totally doin' it!
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When the professor finds out, he'll tear me a new cloaca!
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What if he rolls over on his back And his cloaca fills with mucous?
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a waste pipe that carries away sewage or surface water: drain, waste pipe, sewer, sewage system, sewage works, drainpipe, sewer system, sewerage
(zoology) the cavity (in birds, reptiles, amphibians, most fish, and monotremes but not mammals) at the end of the digestive tract into which the intestinal, genital, and urinary tracts open: cavity, bodily cavity, cavum

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