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v. ngẩng lên, ngóc lên, dựng đứng lên, vểnh tai, xây dựng, kiến lập, kiến trúc, kiến tạo
a. đứng thẳng, dựng đứng, dựng lên
adv. dựng


‘Am I sitting straight, Wilkins?’ he said to me. ‘At the circus I have seen riders holding themselves erect. Am I sitting straight?’
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He continued to stiffen his childish muscles, while holding his head erect, and encouraging the count as he walked.
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He was sitting so erect, and had the air of being so relaxed and so happy!
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Phileas Fogg, with body erect and legs wide apart, standing like a sailor, regarded the choppy waters without flinching.
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Our commander's tent was always erected far from the battle to avoid threat of attack.
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And he advanced very erect with his two pails among those men shooting, lying down. Then, with a sudden fear, he stood still sinking his head between his shoulders;
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As soon as he saw the manager entering the office he would leap from his seat, holding himself erect with military precision. He was always ready to do anything whatever.
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guarding the glory of a bygone day. He did not wish to know who had erected it. As soon as its pride is flattered, mankind tries immediately to solidify it.
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Here there is nothing individual. Its builders erected it to the memory of la Grande Armee and that Grand Army was the people in arms who spread revolution throughout Europe.
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In San Cristóbal, Caracas and other cities, protesters have erected barricades with debris and garbage to block the streets and slow down traffic. In some cases, protesters say they are using them to protect themselves from the “collective” that supports the government.
(Voice of America)
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1. vertical: cocked, standing, straight, raised, perpendicular, upright
2. build: fabricate, put up, construct, raise, upraise
3. establish: found, institute
4. set up: stand, build up, put up, assemble, raise

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