escritura en Francés

1. (geral) cadastre (m)
2. (alfabeto) script (m)
3. (livros) écriture (f); l'art d'écrire 4. (direito) acte (m); titre (m); titre de propriété; droit de propriété


"El mal de escritura" is going to be shown since november 20th in the Centre d'Estudis i Documentació of MACBA.
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|Bestué-Vives i Francesc Ruiz| Take part in El mal de escritura, a project that is a bit different from what we are used to. A very unique bibliotheque created from a collection of books, pamphlets, leaflets, griten by artists.
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Approximately 0,5 % is charged by the Land Registry Office called "Registro de Propiedad" to register the new deed (Escritura) into your name.
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Once this contract has been signed, the appropriate funds for purchasing the property should be prepared and a final check made on all the details before signing the public deed of sale ("Escritura de Compraventa") before the Notary Public.
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