conventional en Rumano

a. convenţional, oficial, ortodox, uzitat

conventional en Inglés

adj. conventional, nominal, hypocritical, artificial, sham
adv. conventionally


Aceste negocieri nu trebuie să fie abordate într-un mod convenţional şi îngust, unde fiecare se reprezintă pe sine.
These negotiations must not be approached in a conventional and narrow-minded manner, where everyone is simply out for themselves.
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Acest fapt este complet convenţional.
Yet this is completely hypocritical.
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following accepted customs and proprieties: conventionality, customary, stodgy, received, conventionalism, unoriginal, formulaic, convention, stuffy, formal
conforming with accepted standards: established, orthodox
represented in simplified or symbolic form: nonrepresentational, schematic, formal
unimaginative and conformist: unimaginative, buttoned-down, square, button-down, white-bread, stereotypic, straight, stereotyped, conservative, stereotypical
(weapons) using energy for propulsion or destruction that is not nuclear energy
in accord with or being a tradition or practice accepted from the past: traditional
rigidly formal or bound by convention: ceremonious, formal

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